Daniel Mügge

Professor of Political Arithmetic
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Daniel Mügge is principal investigator of the ERC and NWO projects featured on this website. Through his past research on financial regulation and accounting, he has discovered the political underbelly of seemingly technical and arcane policies. The Fickle Formulas projects take that interest to the next level.

Juliette Alenda

Assistant Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen

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Juliette Alenda investigates the history of macroeconomic statistics in South Africa, which is facing strong inequalities and a difficult legacy. What is the place of statistics regarding the economic development model in the country? With a background in economics, her research focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa and development.

Lukas Linsi

Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, University of Groningen
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Lukas Linsi researches the political dynamics underlying measurements of international trade and capital flows. His interest in the topic was piqued during his PhD research when he noted curious differences in how various statistical agencies account for foreign direct investment inflows.

Tobias Tesche

Postdoctoral researcher

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Tobias Tesche researches the politics underpinning the euro area fiscal stance. During a brief stint at the European Commission he familiarized himself with the intricacies of EU fiscal governance. He is convinced that macroeconomic indicators play an important role in the deepening of European integration. 

Roberto Aragão

PhD student

Roberto Aragão is a huge enthusiast for subjects related to the development process. His academic experience and work in Brazil equipped him with deep knowledge about the Brazilian’s main macroeconomic indicators. For FickleFormulas, he will dig even deeper.

Daniel DeRock

PhD student

Daniel DeRock explores the global dimension of macroeconomic indicators. Working in the international development sector gave him insight into the major role of statistics in transnational governance. In Fickle Formulas, he investigates the political dynamics behind the spread and production of these figures.

Joan van Heijster

PhD student

Joan van Heijster will take the FickleFormulas questions to China and India. Macroeconomic indicators have been imperative to setting the ‘emerging markets’ narrative in motion. This project elevates her interests and understanding of the political economy of Asia and the BRICS.

Jessica de Vlieger

PhD student

Jessica de Vlieger investigates the politics of macroeconomic indicators in the European Union. Studying economics and working in financial journalism made her aware of the central role numbers play in our society. She now hopes to find out what lies behind these powerful and influential indicators.